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Homework / Tests & Quizzes/ Grading Policies


All homework assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Parents, please log into your student's SCSS Google Account to access their Google Classroom. Google Classroom is available on the web and as an app on most smartphones. Unless otherwise communicated, all assignments are due by the students' class period on the due date or will be considered late and docked points..

Students can see me for assistance or questions about their work after school. If possible, please try to notify me in advance so that I can best prepare myself to assist.​ I am available virtually on Mondays after school for extra help; if Monday is a day off, I am available on the following Wednesday from 2:30-3:30.


Homework and classwork can be found here:



Tests will be at the end of units of study. Students will be given at least 3 days prior notice for tests. Quizzes will review smaller amounts of material during units of study. They will usually be announced at least 3 days prior, except for "pop quizzes".


Final Exams-
80% of the final exam is the End of Year Science Celebration Project- this is a research/experiment project chosen by each student in an area that interests them. Final projects are presented to the class using either a tri-fold board or Google Slideshow. 
20% of the final exam is a "Brain Dump". Students choose their favorite unit since Midterms to study in preparation. On exam day, students will "dump" everything they know onto a piece of paper from memory. We will practice in class. Students need to communicate deep understanding of the content with vocabulary terms, diagrams, and pertinent information. A rubric will be shared with students to help them study
Grading Policies
Late homework is accepted, with permission after conferring with me, and points are taken off for each day it is late.
Public speaking is an important skill to develop and there will be opportunities to present in front of the class during the year. Students are expected to be prepared on the day of the presentations and will present when called upon for full credit. As with homework assignments, if a student is not able to present when called upon, the assignment will be considered late, and points will be deducted from their grade.