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FAITH, ACADEMICS and COMMUNITY is the motto of Saint Catherine of Siena School. 
Read testimonials from parents and students to see how SCSS represents the motto.
Parent Testimonials
" I have been an SCSS parent since fall 2015 when my oldest began second grade.  I have a 6th grader, a kindergartener, and my youngest is in PreK 4. I knew we were part of a strong catholic institution, but now, more than ever, I am beyond grateful to be part of this community. All of my kids’ teachers were fully prepared for this school closure - all of them have been in constant communication with my kids - from video conferencing in 6th grade to virtual storytime in kindergarten and even to online group video chatting and discussion in PreK, SCSS has gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for my kids.  Science, Spanish, and even music and art teachers have all been equally as involved in the kids’ distance learning as well. Our new principal takes leadership to a new level and has been there for us and with us every single day. SCSS has left no stone unturned, and for this, I am eternally grateful. This is hard, everyone is  struggling in one way or another, but the anxiety of my kids’ education being delayed has been completely erased. I am 100% confident that all three of them will be ready in the fall for 7th, 1st, and kindergarten. I cannot  recommend our school enough.  Thank you, SCSS, for banding together and taking such wonderful care of our children during such a confusing time in life. "
~ Alex Sliva - Parent of 3 students
SCSS is a fantastic investment for your child's development. Aside from the great academics provided, the communal environment is outstanding. All 3 of our children have thrived in this setting and feel more connected to the community around them. The value system instilled in our children will yield great returns throughout their future endeavors.
- Joe Bouffard

Student Testimonials

" SCSS is a wonderful choice to send students to learn. We practice not only academics, but also faith and hospitality. We are all part of a respectful and kind community. Students have lots of school pride, and are excited to arrive in the morning. " - L.P. 
" This school provides an interesting and unforgettable experience for each student. The small community makes it possible to form stronger relationships with the rest of the community. The teachers are personable and have the ability to help each student. Saint Catherine of Siena students are taught respect and many other life skills during their time in the school. Students are influenced to live a proper Catholic life. Being Catholic is regularly celebrated in school with important masses and other celebrations. " - C.K.
" St. Catherine of Siena School in Trumbull, CT provides great education to all of it's student, including a Catholic education. It has great teachers, many fun events for friends and family, and great education. SCSS is a safe environment for children to live and talk their faith, while still learning their core values of friendship, sharing and much more! " - R.G.
" Saint Catherine's is a place where you can be yourself and be treated how you want to be treated. Saint Catherine's is a place you can call your home. " - L.S
" St. Catherine of Siena is a community that invites everyone to be themselves and to be happy. I have learned so much from the amazing teachers at SCSS. " - K.D.