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FAITH, ACADEMICS, and COMMUNITY is the motto of Saint Catherine of Siena School. 
Read testimonials from parents to see what makes SCSS a special place for children to grow in mind, body, and spirit.
Parent Testimonials
We could not be more pleased and are extremely grateful for the experiences we have had at Saint Catherine of Siena School. We were hopeful that we would find a sense of community here but never imagined the importance this would have for us and the comfort it would provide. The teachers and staff are deeply committed to supporting the students’ formation of academic, spiritual, and emotional growth, and we are confident that the solid foundation St. Catherine’s is building for our daughter will not only prepare her for high school academics but to meet life’s challenges as well. 
~ Laura and Tony Bossio
Hello, I’d like to take a moment to share some thoughts on just how special the SCSS community is to our family.  From the first day our oldest began pre-K to now, where she is in 4th grade and our youngest in 2nd grade, we have yet to see a day where our children are not coming out of school as happy as can be. What more could a parent ask for?  This is a true testament to the tight-knit community and the compassion that goes into providing the kids at this school with not only a great education but a wonderful sense of spirituality and unity. Our children have truly benefited from all aspects of this learning environment.  We could not recommend SCSS more and feel privileged that our children have been able to attend.
~ Jeff Dobrydney - Parent of 2 students
"I have been an SCSS parent since fall 2015 when my oldest began second grade.  I have a 6th grader, a kindergartener, and my youngest is in PreK 4. I knew we were part of a strong catholic institution, but now, more than ever, I am beyond grateful to be part of this community. All of my kids’ teachers were fully prepared for this school closure - all of them have been in constant communication with my kids - from video conferencing in 6th grade to virtual storytime in kindergarten and even to online group video chatting and discussion in PreK, SCSS has gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for my kids.  Science, Spanish, and even music and art teachers have all been equally as involved in the kids’ distance learning
 as well. Our new principal takes leadership to a new level and has been there for us and with us every single day. SCSS has left no stone unturned, and for this, I am eternally grateful. This is hard, everyone is struggling in one way or another, but the anxiety of my kids’ education being delayed has been completely erased. I am 100% confident that all three of them will be ready in the fall for 7th, 1st, and kindergarten. I cannot recommend our school enough.  Thank you, SCSS, for banding together and taking such wonderful care of our children during such a confusing time in life. "
~ Alex Sliva - Parent of 3 students
SCSS is a fantastic investment for your child's development. Aside from the great academics provided, the communal environment is outstanding. All 3 of our children have thrived in this setting and feel more connected to the community around them. The value system instilled in our children will yield great returns throughout their future endeavors.
~ Joe Bouffard - Parent of 3 students