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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life
Our Catholic identity is the foundation of SCSS. Faith is emphasized across the curriculum and throughout all the grades. We begin and end each day in prayer. Through the exposure and discussion of the teaching of Christ, we are confident that our students will be able to navigate many of the moral challenges they will encounter along the journey to adulthood.
The student body attends masses on First Friday and Holy Days. Classes take turns participating in the preparation of the Masses. There are many opportunities for the students to participate and attend prayer services during Lent, Advent, Thanksgiving, St. Catherine of Siena Feast Day, and more.
On a nice day, you might find a class walking over the Marion Garden to say a decade of the Rosary. Students enjoy it when Fr. Marcello stops by the classrooms for an impromptu religion lesson.
Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and Holy Communion takes place in third grade. The Sacrament of Confirmation preparation occurs in 7th and 8th grade and is received in the Spring of their 8th grade graduation year.
Altar Servers
From fifth through eighth grade, boys and girls are invited to serve Christ and our Parish by becoming Altar Servers. They learn responsibility and appreciation for the various aspects of the Catholic Faith, especially the Holy Mass and the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist.  The parish clergy train the servers.
Service to Others
The school's mission calls for students to treat others the way they want to be treated, just as Christ asked us to do. Students understand many people within their community and around the world need help. Therefore, they are actively involved in many outreach projects during the year living their faith through service to others. Many projects are set up by the Student Council, SCSS Cares Club, teachers, and parents. The projects include writing cheerful messages to the sick and elderly, thank you cards to Veterans, food drives, and much more. The SCSS Cares Club has made blankets for the Binky Patrol of Fairfield County and dog and cat toys for local shelters, to name a few. They use and share their God-given gifts and talents willingly. 
Legacy Quote
Every year the graduating class chooses a biblical quote to leave as their legacy to the school. This quote is a meaningful reminder of the impact SCSS had on the eighth-grade class. It is recited every morning for the next year by the entire school. The class of 2020 chose,
"At my first defense, no one appeared.... but the Lord
stood at my side and gave me strength".
                                    2 Timothy 4:16-17
The Ten Gospel Values
Each month has an assigned Gospel Values to be integrated into their studies and discussed across all grades.
1. Faith in God - We believe that faith, being a gift from God, is a trusting, personal, and loving relationship with Him. It helps us to accept and to do His will in the world.
2. Truth - We believe that truth is found in its fullness in Christ and in His Church. We reflect this by imitating His truth in our lives by choosing honest words and actions.
3. Respect for Life -We believe in the dignity of all human life from conception through natural death; and that it should be respected and protected because we are loved by God and created in His image.
4. Community - We believe as a Eucharistic community, we share a common faith and live in unity with the Spirit, as disciples of Jesus.
5. Service - We believe that through our baptism, we are called to serve and bring hope to others, especially those in need.
6. Simplicity- We believe that God asks us to live simple lives and not to covet material possessions. A simple life is one that does not distract us from eternal life.
7. Justice - We believe that it is our responsibility to make conscious decisions to do what is right, as instructed by the Beatitudes.
8. Peace - We believe that as Disciples of Christ, our prayerful response is to promote peace by living in harmony with ourselves and others.
9. Compassion -We believe that we are called to take on the mind and heart of Jesus in dealing with those who suffer; to, in fact, "suffer with them,"  as demonstrated through our words, acts of compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing.
10. Forgiveness- We believe that God asks us to forgive ourselves and others who hurt us. Through reconciliation, we are free to love ourselves and others as God commands.