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Frequently Asked Questions

School Reopening 2020-21 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will students in classes where desks are placed less than six feet apart have to wear masks when they are at their desks?
Yes.  Students will wear masks at their desks if their desks cannot be spaced six feet apart.  In these instances, teachers will provide mask breaks for students in compliance with social distancing.  Additionally, Dr. Cheeseman will be clarifying this policy in the Diocese Reopening plan.  Teachers will be responsible for instructing children when they can remove masks keeping with proper social distancing guidelines. 
2.  How can students safely participate in PE without masks
Students will not be playing contact games.  Our aim is to appropriately socially distance students outside and therefore allow them to participate in PE activities without masks.
3.  Will there be clarification to the SCSS sick policy.
The sick policy of SCSS will continue to be in place., Students And staff will stay home if they experience any fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, etc.  Teachers will send students to the nurse if they exhibit such symptoms.  This policy is outlined in the SCSS handbook and will be strictly followed.
4.  What happens if a student or staff member is diagnosed with Covid-19?
The Trumbull Health Department will work with the school administrator and Office of the Superintendent to determine the course of action.