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Dress Code

Students are asked to adopt the school dress code out of respect for the community and our common educational goals. A uniform style of dress diminishes issues of socio-economic differences, which sometimes arise as a result of fashion. Wearing the school colors and school logo are also visible indicators of significant school pride. Students are expected to dress modestly and in a manner which allows the focus of the day to be on academics and spiritual growth.
In all cases, a student's clothing should be clean, without rips or holes, and free of commercial logos, slogans, or offensive graphics/language. A classmate's clothing should not cause a distraction in the classroom for peers. The standard dress code applies the majority of the time, and can be worn throughout the school year. There are occasions when students are asked to “dress up” and occasions when students are allowed to "dress casual”. On these occasions, the spirit of the dress code should be adhered to; modest and appropriate. Tight, form fitting clothing is never acceptable, nor appropriate for a Catholic school. A student's midriff, cleavage, and lower back must be covered whether sitting, standing, or bending over. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. Note that the winter uniform is an acceptable alternative on dress-up days and the gym uniform is an alternative for dress casual days.
Sneakers are considered part of the gym uniform and may only be worn on gym days. At other times, students should wear black, brown, or navy shoes. High-heeled shoes, backless shoes, moccasins, work boots, boots, sandals, slippers, clogs, crocs, and sneakers are not part of the school uniforms. Any pants or shorts with belt loops must be worn at the waist with a belt. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. When ties are worn, they should be tied properly.
Make-up is not allowed and nail polish must be a neutral or pastel color. Students are asked to refrain from trendy hairstyles and large hair accessories; hair color should be natural. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and not interfere with a student's ability to complete schoolwork.