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Distance Learning Adventures

St.Catherine Of Siena School Update during the Covid-19 Outbreak

The St. Catherine of Siena School (SCSS) building is closed to the students until the Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Bridgeport, Dr. Cheeseman, and the Town of Trumbull deem it safe to return to normal. During these uncertain times, SCSS is practicing distance learning. At this time, teachers are connecting with the students online and are continuing with written work that follows our curriculum. Our technology is allowing for class meetings and storytime for all classes, Pre-K 3 to Grade 8. The younger students love hearing from their teachers, watching, and participating in their morning meetings, including prayer. The students still receive instruction from the weekly special classes like Art, Music, Technology, PE, and Library. Online learning enables our students to continue learning and to stay connected to SCSS during these unsettling times. 

Can't wait to welcome all of you back....

St.Catherine Of Siena School Distance Learning Adventures
Distance doesn't matter! Checkout how our students continue to learn despite the current situation...

Our students celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day


Storytime with Mrs.Ambrosio