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After School Program



Little Crusaders Club (LCC) for Preschool
Time - 1:00 pm - 2:10 pm
After School Kids (ASK) for Preschool to Gr 8
Time - 2:20 pm – 5:30

A new dedicated ASK phone number is coming soon.
Our mission is to provide a safe, structured, and enjoyable extended day program that
reinforces the faith and values of our school community
School Principal: Mrs. Michelle Powrie – [email protected]
Preschool Director: Mrs. Stacey Brennan – [email protected]
ASK Coordinator: Mrs. Lynne Kiss – [email protected]
    Mrs. Stacey Platt
    Ms. Annie Mastroni
    Mr. Payton Kiss
The school Principal, Mrs. Powrie, can amend the guidelines as she deems them
necessary for the safety of the children and staff at any time. You will be notified of
any changes in advance.
Effective immediately, we no longer accept drop-ins for any after-school programs. If a true emergency arises, please call the main office so we can verify appropriate staffing.
  • All families must complete the registration form before using the program
  • After School Kids (ASK) is available for PreK through 8th Grade from dismissal until
    5:30 pm on full school days and for children before or after attending an activity or
  • Little Crusaders Club (LCC) is available for preschool students from 1:00 pm to 2:10
  • ASK and LCC are not offered on scheduled early dismissal days or days when there
    is an early dismissal due to weather conditions
  • To ensure a safe environment & adequate staffing, ALL families MUST REGISTER
    Prior to Sunday at 9:00 pm for the upcoming week, using Signup Genius
  • Once students are dismissed from the program and leave the campus, they cannot
    return again that day
  • The staff is not responsible for lost or broken toys brought from home
  • By registering your child(ren) you are agreeing to the expectations set forth by the
    after school program and the school principal, Mrs. Powrie
  • Complete the paper Emergency Contact Form for the After School Kids Program
  • Notify staff of any change to your child’s health, your contact information, or your
    emergency contacts' cell phone numbers or emails immediately
  • Inform the staff if you plan to be out of town so they know to call your emergency
  • Sign up by Sunday at 9:00 pm for all of the Afterschool Programs for the days
    you plan to send your child to any aftercare program each and every week.
  • Please use the phone number for aftercare and not the teacher's cell phones
  • Please be on time; late pick-ups will be subjected to penalty fines
  • The adult picking up MUST sign out each child every day
  • If a child is ill, we will call you to pick them up early
Initial Registration Fee - $25 per family

PreK 3 or PreK 4 who rest each day - $10 for nap mat

(The family will keep the mat at the end of the year)
Preschool Little Crusaders Care - Dismissal - 2:10 pm
      Per Child $10.00

After School Kids Early Pickup - Before 3:30 pm
      Per Child $10.00

After School Kids - Dismissal - 5:30 pm
      One Child $20.00
      Two Children $30.00
      Three Children $40.00
Separate invoices for Little Crusaders Care and the After School Kids will be sent home
monthly and must be paid by the invoice's due date. All payments must be addressed to the
main office. Any CASH payments must be brought to the office in person, and a receipt will
be issued. Please do NOT send cash in an envelope with your child. 
Little Crusaders Club (LLC) 1:00 pm - 2:10 pm
Regular dismissal is 12:45pm - 1:00 pm for preschool. Little Crusaders Club begins at 1pm 
If a student is not picked up by 1:00 pm they will be charged a LLC fee. Continued late pick
ups will be charged and additional $25 penalty fee.
PreK 3
Students will rest each day, followed by quiet play. They are allowed to bring a lovie or
blanket (please do not send any irreplaceable items)
PreK 4
Students will rest each day if they are going into the afterschool program and can bring a
lovie or blanket. (please do not send any irreplaceable items) Students who are not
attending ASK will play in small, rotating groups.
Rules and guidelines in the preschool handbook will apply during this time.
After School Kids (ASK) 2:20 – 5:30 pm
Students can expect a safe, educational environment with enthusiastic and caring staff. In
return, the staff expects the students to follow all school rules, both inside and outside, and
exhibit proper behavior and care for the building and property. The program will typically
begin with snack time, followed by homework time, and depending on the weather, outdoor
play, indoor crafts, movies, and games. The staff expects students to follow all school
expectations as described in the student handbook in addition to the After School Kids
expectations. Discipline issues will be addressed by the staff and the school principal, Mrs.
Powrie, the next day if necessary.
Items Needed Daily for ALL Students Attending After School Kids (ASK)
  • Peanut/nut-free snack in a separate bag labeled after-school. For the safety of the students, the after school staff will be unable to provide snacks.
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Weather-appropriate clothing; this includes leggings, coats, hats, gloves & scarves in
    the cold weather. Please clearly label ALL items
  • Gr. 1 – Gr. 8: bring a book to read or a journal for when finishing homework early
Students may not use personal electronic devices in the after school program.
Middle School students may use school Chromebooks for homework when seated at a table
during homework time. The Acceptable Use Policy for St. Catherine of Siena School will
also apply to after-school hours, including cell phones and e-watches. They are responsible
for returning them to their appropriate location when finished. They are not to be used for
entertainment. This includes phones and smartwatches. The student will be asked to put it
away for the first offense. Second, the ASK staff will keep it until a parent arrives, and a
written warning will be sent home. For the third offense, the student will be sent to Mrs.
Powrie the next morning.
Little Crusaders Club
Preschool will dismiss from a preschool side door before 2:10 pm
After School Kids
Students in PreK – K will remain in the Kindergarten Room until 4:00 pm daily. Adults
picking up will need to come to the school's front door to be signed out. After 4:00 pm,
students will be picked up in McClinch Family Center.
Students in Grades 1 – 8 will be dismissed from the Family Center. If needed, call the ASK
phone number to let the staff know that you have arrived.
No Signup
If you do not sign your child up for, ASK or LCC and you are NOT at dismissal, you will be
called to come and get them. A $25 surcharge will be added to your account if you can’t,
and they go to ASK or LLC. The surcharge also applies to requests for late sign-ups.
Late Pickup per Child
5:30 - 5:40 pm - $10.00
After 5:40 pm - $5.00 per minute
After 5:45 pm - Emergency Contact will be called
After 6:00 pm - If Emergency Contact isn’t reached, Trumbull PD will be notified
Second Offense - $50 fee on top of the above fees
Third Offense - The fees listed above, plus the privilege to use the program, will be
revoked for two weeks
Late Payments
Your account must be current to register your child for the after school program each
week. If you need an extension, please contact Maria Cohen, Bookkeeper at 203-377-5904
or email [email protected].
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