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After School Program

After School and Stay & Play Programs 2021-2022

Policies and Procedures

Our mission is to provide a safe, structured, and enjoyable extended day that reinforces the values of our school community.


The After School program registration will be online this year and must be completed by September 1, 2021. The program will begin on Tuesday,  September 7, 2021.  Stay & Play start dates and other information will be sent out by your child’s preschool teacher.

The Stay & Play program is available for preschoolers from dismissal to 2:20 pm. Online pre-registration will be required. 

The After School program is available for Pre-K 4 through 8th Grade from dismissal until 5:30 pm on full school days and also for children before or after attending an activity or club.  Online registration is required and must be completed in advance of attendance.  In addition to the registration form, weekly sign-ups for the program must be made using Signup Genius at this link: After School Sign-Up.  All children attending the after-school programs must be signed up in advance. 

Please note that children who are not picked up at dismissal time will be signed into the after-school program, and the applicable charges will apply.

The after-school program is available for children in Pre-K 4 - 8 on full school days from dismissal until 5:30 pm. After school is not available on scheduled early dismissal days or days when there is an early dismissal due to weather conditions.
A $25 registration fee per family will be charged upon initial registration.  Any family using the After School Program must pay the registration fee.  All other charges are per day.
Stay & Play - Pre-K 1:00 pm - 2:10 pm
Per Child $8.00
After School Dismissal - 3:30 pm
Per Child $8.00
After School Dismissal - 5:30 pm 
One Child $16.00
Two Children $26.00
Three Children $36.00
Late Fees per Child
5:30 pm - 5:40 pm - $10.00
After 5:40 pm - $1.00 per minute

Please make every effort to contact the school if you expect to be late.

You will receive an Invoice for Stay & Play and the After School program, which must be paid by the invoice's due date. Our billing and payment system will also be automated this year, and more information will follow.
Please note: Your account must be current to register your child for the after-school program each week.

Students should bring a - peanut/nut & cheese dust-free snack in a separate bag labeled after school and a refillable water bottle. For safety reasons, the after-school program staff will be unable to provide snacks or cups, and the water fountain will only be available to fill water bottles. Students should have weather-appropriate outerwear as we will go outside as often as possible; this includes leggings, coats, hats, gloves & scarves in the cold weather. Students should also have a book to read during homework time in case they finish early.

Students can expect a safe, educational environment with enthusiastic and caring staff. In return, the staff expects the students to follow all school rules, both inside and outside, and exhibit proper behavior and care for the building and property. The after-school program will typically begin with snack time followed by homework time and then, depending on the weather, outdoor play, indoor crafts, movies, and games.
Students may not use personal electronic devices in the after-school program. Middle School students may use their personal Chromebooks or laptops for homework only.  The Acceptable Use Policy for St. Catherine of Siena School will also apply to after-school hours. 
The after-school program will follow all school safety protocols related to Covid-19.  
Please click here to access the After School Program Registration Form.